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Stychbrook Cemetery is a privately run burial ground located in Lichfield that opened in November 2008.

The cemetery was created on land owned by the Hollinshead family, who have been farming locally since 1918.


Covering an area of approximately 16 acres, it has been sensitively landscaped to provide a serene and tranquil resting place for loved ones that is open and inclusive to all.


Stychbrook Cemetery continues to evolve in order to meet the changing needs and demands of the area, and offers a wide range of options for the interment of a loved one's remains.


Its rural location helps to provide a peaceful setting, both for the bereaved and those wishing to plan for the future and select their final resting place during their own life.



Stychbrook Cemetery aims to achieve the highest standards possible, and therefore seeks to:  

  • Ensure that every interment is treated as unique and individual.

  • Ensure that privacy, dignity and individual cultural and religious beliefs are fully respected.

  • Deal with all enquiries and needs efficiently and courteously.

  • Provide a burial ground that is appropriately maintained and cared for.

  • Provide suitable and appropriate advice on all aspects of interment.

  • Be inclusive and also deal sensitively with people at all times.

  • Regularly review and update levels of service provided.

  • Ensure that good working relationships are established and maintained with funeral directors and others involved, making sure that all relevant information is correctly communicated and provided.



At Stychbrook Cemetery you can purchase or pre-purchase an exclusive right of burial. These rights are an official document confirming that the purchaser has the right to determine who can be buried in a defined burial space within the cemetery.  

A wide range of burial options are available at Stychbrook. Across the site there are areas identified for specific types of burial, and this can be seen on the site plan.  

Burial options include: 

  • The Traditional Burial Area; where the grave is marked with a memorial stone.

  • The Woodland Burial Area; where the graves are situated along the tree avenue, which will develop longer-term into a Woodland of Remembrance. The graves are not marked with memorials, but at intervals in the avenue there will be a permanent marker to define each individual grave.

  • The Cremated Ashes Burial Area; cremated remains may be placed in an urn and interred in one of the specially designated areas, and marked by an individual stone memorial.

  • The Cremated Ashes Scattering Area; cremated remains may be scattered in the special area within The Lakes. A small plaque containing the name and date of death of the deceased can be placed on the purpose built memorial wall. 

  • The Children’s Area; a specially designated area for the interment of babies and young children (under the age of 12).

  • In addition, trees may be planted and benches can be purchased in memory of loved ones. 

A current price list is provided here (updated in April 2024). For any questions or for any cost enquiries, please contact the Stychbrook Cemetery Office for further details.



Stychbrook Cemetery does not directly arrange funerals. Instead, most people employ the comprehensive services of a funeral director or other such specialists to act on their behalf.

Stychbrook Cemetery offers a helpful and friendly service, in a sympathetic and professional manner in order to assist funeral directors and families who have suffered a bereavement to provide the ideal resting place for the remains of your loved one. In addition, advice and information can be provided to help pick your preferred location within the cemetery, and a representative of Stychbrook Cemetery will be present on the day of the burial..

Stychbrook Cemetery does not have a chapel but it does have a gathering hall within the cemetery building. The gathering hall provides a warm and welcoming meeting place for family and friends before and after the interment. Toilet facilities are available as are ramps to provide suitable wheelchair access to the facilities. In addition, a large terrace is also available. 

The hall and terrace may also be used for services or ceremonies that family or friends wish to arrange, with the hall able to accommodate up to twenty five people (please note that this is room hire only and should flowers, refreshments, or anything else be required, then this would need to be arranged separately).

Traditional interment patterns do not have to be rigidly followed. Family and friends may wish to devise their own personal tribute, and wherever possible, Stychbrook Cemetery will make every effort to accommodate your wishes and desires.



A comprehensive set of rules and conditions relating to the burial grounds at Stychbrook can be viewed in full here: 

The purpose of these is to help ensure that the cemetery is managed and used in a sensitive and appropriate way, recognising that it is a shared space that should be for the benefit of everyone.


Should any further clarification be required, Stychbrook Cemetery Office will be happy to help.

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